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Below are real stories from Gamblers Anonymous members. You may recognise similarities in the stories to events in your own life. Hopefully you can get some recognition from these stories and some hope that your life can get better with the help and support of GA. You can find a meeting near you on our meetings page 

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October 11, 2018

It’s May 1995 and I’m due to get married in July. I’ve just lost the deposit for my first home in a mad week of chasing loses on the dogs and I’ve had to come clean to my parents and my fiancé about my gambling. I speak to a member of Gamblers Anonymous on the phone for half an hour but don’t go to a meeting. I convince my fiancé and my parents that I’ve got things sorted and for the next five or six years I have, very little gambling and two sons later and life is good. Then along comes online poker and the easy availability of credit cards and over the next few years I max out card after card, constantly catching the post and shuffling minimum payments to keep the credit card company’s off my back.

Again I get caught by my wife, but again I don’t attend a meeting but do install blocking software on my devices and hand over all finances to my wife’s control. We have another few good years but eventually I start to sneak into the bookies again (just the odd coupon and a lucky fifteen on a big meeting). During this time my Mum passed away and left me a six figure sum which cleared my debt. She also left a lump sum to each of my sons and I was left as the trustee for this money.

Over the next two/three years I spent most of it gambling. I was given a share bonus at work which I hid from my wife and lost it over a three year period mostly on roulette machines. Carnage followed, scraping by hiding debts, fiddling expenses and other scams. I’m drinking heavily just to sleep at nights I’m a mess and I know it!

It’s the 2nd of September, I’m supervising a job and my phone rings, It’s my wife, she’s gone to pay for our holiday to Tenerife but there’s no money left in the joint account. I drive home and come clean. There’s lots of anger and tears and I’m given the ultimatum. This time’s different I go to my local meeting on Saturday morning. I’m met outside by a member and immediately put at ease. I listen to a guy tell his story and identify with so many aspects of it. For the next six months I barely miss a meeting, three meetings a week and get lots of support and advice.

Jump forward to the present day and I’m gamble free. It hasn’t been easy but I still trying to get to as many meeting as I can. I am trying to give something back by being part of the GA Live Chat.

I’m Derek, I’m a compulsive gambler, No gambling to report God bless G.A., Its members and our Fellowship.

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