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Below are real stories from Gamblers Anonymous members. You may recognise similarities in the stories to events in your own life. Hopefully you can get some recognition from these stories and some hope that your life can get better with the help and support of GA. You can find a meeting near you on our meetings page 

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Billy August 2, 2015

Hi my name is Billy and I am a compulsive gambler, this is just a little bit of my recovery.

I came back to GA 1 year and 5 weeks ago I could not take any more of my life of hell, I lost every thing due to gambling, my wife, my kids, my job my self respect.  I was a broken man, I went back to ga on the 17th of march last year as I could not take any more it was so bad I tried to kill myself.  I stood at my window just about to throw myself out of it but I could not do it I thought of my kids being without a father and said to myself this is it, I have to do somthing about this illness.

I went to a meeting with my best friend I was so happy when I got my feet in the door it was the best thing I ever did it saved my life.  1 year and 5 weeks on what a life I  have now it has completely changed, I've  got my kids back in my life, I met someone who I love very much, I never thought I would ever say this but I am really very very happy today and I owe this to GA.

Thanks to GA you really have saved my life......... Billy

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