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Gamblers Anonymous Meetings – Scotland


Join a GA conference. You’ll be glad you did.

During the current COVID-19 health emergency, it is obviously difficult to hold our normal room-based group meetings. Although teleconferencing and video conferencing will never be equal to an actual room meeting, it’s the best way we currently have of holding a meeting. Where possible, conferences have been set up during the hours of previous group meetings to allow those group members to hold their usual meeting over the phone or on a screen. Contact your group secretary for more information on what your group is doing. If you are not yet a GA member, please request contact info by email to, phone our helpline – 03700 508 881, or talk to us here on LIVE-CHAT (below).



Parkhead (10:00-12:00) TELECONF
Partick (Wed Aft.) (18:30-19:45) ZOOM
Ayr (19:00-20:30) ZOOM
Blackburn (19:00-21:00) ZOOM
Blackburn Beginners (19:00-20:00) ZOOM
Hamilton (Sat) (19:30-21:00) ZOOM
Musselburgh (19:00-20:30) GOOGLE
Parkhead PM (19:00-21:30) ZOOM
Dunfermline (19:15-21:30) ZOOM
Edinburgh (19:15-21:15) TELECONF
Greenock (19:15-20:45) ZOOM
Airdrie (19:30-21:30) ZOOM
Ardrossan (19:30-21:30) TELECONF
Anderson Friday (19:30-21:00) TELECONF
Big Monday (Anderson) (19:30-21:30) ZOOM
Carlisle (19:30-21:00) ZOOM
Dundee (19:30-21:30) ZOOM
Kelso (Thu) (19:30-21:30) ZOOM
Wee Monday (19:30-21:30) TELECONF
Cumbernauld (20:00-21:30) ZOOM



Partick (10:15-11:30) ZOOM
Leith (Sun) (19:00-20:00) ZOOM
Dennistoun Beginners (18:00-18:30) ZOOM
Dennistoun (19:15-21:00) ZOOM
Falkirk (Principles/Personalities) (19:15-21:30) ZOOM
Hamilton (19:15-21:15) ZOOM
Partick (19:15-21:30) ZOOM
Rutherglen (19:15-21:00) ZOOM
Aberdeen (19:30-21:30) TELECONF
Coatbridge (19:30-21:30) ZOOM
Motherwell (Wed) (19:30-20:30) TELECONF
Paisley (19:30-21:30) TELECONF
Perth (19:30-21:30) ZOOM



Edinburgh (12:30-14:00) ZOOM
Partick (13:00-14:15) TELECONF
Parkhead (17:00-18:45) ZOOM
Inverness with Elgin (18:30-20:00) TELECONF
Blackhill (19:00-21:00) ZOOM
Kilmarnock (19:00-20:30) TELECONF
Daisy St (19:15-21:15) TELECONF
Forfar (19:15-21:15) ZOOM
Anderson (fri) (19:30-21:00) TELECONF
Ayr Beginners (19:30-20:30) TELECONF
Kirkcaldy (19:30-21:30) ZOOM

BAU CONFERENCE CALL – (19:00 to 20:00)
(contact office or secretary)



Parkhead (14:00-15:30) TELECONF
Parkhead (Mon PM) Beginners (18:00-19:00) ZOOM
Cumbernauld (19:00-21:00) ZOOM
Edinburgh (19:00-20:30) ZOOM
Erskine (19:00-21:00) SKYPE
Hamilton (19:00-21:00) ZOOM
Maryhill (19:15-21:00) ZOOM

Shawlands (19:15-21:15)
Please contact group secretary or GA Office to check availability.

Airdrie (19:30-21:30) ZOOM
Ayr (19:30-21:30) TELECONF
Dundee (19:30-21:30) ZOOM
East Kilbride (19:30-21:30) TELECONF

Kelso (19:30-21:30)
Please contact group secretary or GA Office to check availability.

Livingston (19:30-21:15) ZOOM
Stenhousemuir (19:30-21:30) TELECONF
Kilmaurs (20:00-22:00) TELECONF
Falkirk Tue (Here and Now) (21:00-22:00) ZOOM



Parkhead (10:00-12:00) ZOOM
Dundee (18:30-20:30) TELECONF
Motherwell (Wed) (19:30-20:30) TELECONF

Glasgow – Bath Street (19.30-21.30)
Any visitors looking to attend
Please contact 07708860222 to check availability before attending

Big Monday – Intro To Steps (19:00-20:00) ZOOM
Dumfries (19:00-20:30) TELECONF
Edinburgh (Gorgie) (19:00-20:30) ZOOM
Irvine (19:15-21:15) ZOOM
Perth (19:15-21:00) ZOOM
Anderson (19:30-21:00) TELECONF



Dennistoun (09:00-11:00) ZOOM
Aberdeen (09:45-11:45) ZOOM
Hamilton (10:00-12:00) TELECONF
Kirkcaldy (10:00-12:00) ZOOM
Partick (10:15-11:30) ZOOM
Rutherglen (10:00-12:00) ZOOM
View Park (10:00-11:30) ZOOM



Blackburn (Mon) (10:00-11:30) ZOOM
Tayside Drop In (13:00-14:00) ZOOM
Leith (18:30-20:30) ZOOM
Rutherglen (19:00-21:00) ZOOM
Inverness (19:30-21:30) TELECONF
Parkhead (Thu) (20:00-21:30) TELECONF

BAU CONFERENCE CALL – (19:00 to 20:00)
(contact office or secretary)