GA Talks

Gamblers Anonymous Scotland have provided speakers to schools, workplaces etc to share their stories and raise awareness of compulsive gambling and the help Gamblers Anonymous can provide to those suffering from a gambling problem. These talks have proved to be very successful.

If you would like further information on these talks then please contact us:


Tel: 0370 050 8881


“We’re really grateful for all your support at the roadshows, especially as we appreciate the guys coming along are all volunteers and coming to the Depots in their own time or lunch breaks etc.

Their input has been fantastic and for my H.R. colleagues who have sat on, it has given them all a lot of information about the addiction and more importantly, the support of the G.A. fellowship. As my colleagues and I are not currently involved with H.R. support at the local operational level, it has made us more aware of the issues surrounding the addiction and the problems and impact it can have on the individual, including not just the obvious financial impacts but the impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

As explained before, the aim of the roadshows is to raise awareness and make staff aware of support available and the personal stories of your guys who have come along have been very powerful in highlighting their personal addiction experiences and the effects on their lives, which has made it ‘real for the individuals’ and allowed them to consider their own circumstances in relation to gambling. One or two of the guys had previously worked for *** or one of our related companies, so them sharing their story and background was particularly relevant and powerful.

Thanks again for all your support in organising the G.A. input and I look forward to our final two roadshows at *** next week.

Kind regards Jane *** “


*** Youth project

Hi Kevin, the feedback from the talk was that it went very well. The guys did a great job telling their stories and I think it really struck a chord with a few  of the lads who were present. Thankfully all were present that we are actually concerned about. I’m glad we have found you guys and we will definitely be calling on your services again with some of our other projects.


Hi Peter,

Would just like to say a big thank you to you and Andrew for sharing you stories with us today. Spoke with the other staff who were there and everyone found it really useful and insightful.

Thanks again to you both!